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Re: All About Tomatoes

I tried growing tomatoes in my garden, it was growing well until its blooming periods. All the buds turned into brown before they bloom. I don't know what went wrong with my tomato plant. Before I could do anything my plant almost died. Since then I dint tried to grow tomatoes, but have grown a lot of bell peppers.

This is how i grown successful bell peppers in my garden.

Re: New Vegetable Gardening Ideas for 2013, Part 2

It seems to be so easy to create a lush indoor and outdoor garden. If you are a garden lover and dont have enough space to grow plants, then it is a best choice to grow plants. They are perfect for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. It comes with the internal moisture control and a self watering reservoir, so that you can protect your walls from getting wet and also adds the beauty of your home.