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Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

I planted two plants, one "german Heirloom" and the other a "grape" tomato, both from Lowes. We had the hottest summer ever recorded here in Raleigh NC with over 100 days above 90 and many of those days in the very high 90's. It was also an extremely dry summer, and although I supplemented water regularly and kept the plants mulched, they just sat there and suffered in the heat and dry soil. I wish that we had had the success that other NC report, but it was not to be for us.

Got many flowers, but no tomatoes on the large plant until a few green ones appeared in late July. The cherry type produced a mere handful of tiny but tasty tomatoes.

I returned from a three week trip to find 3 gorgeous looking tomatoes on the "heirloo," plant, picked them only to find that each was half eaten away. The cherry tomato had been attacked by a tomato hornworm, which was visible, but already parasitized by the wasp that controls it, so I left it there. The leaves grew back and some new flowers appeared and there are now little green tomatoes on the plant. The" German Heirloom" plant is beautiful and bushy now with some green tomatoes I hope for some tomatoes from it, even at this late date!