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Raised Bed Kitchen Garden in Ohio

We built this colonial style kitchen garden or "Potager" last year . . . Much fun as well as much hard work!  We will see what surprises the garden gives us in 2010 ! Enjoy!

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Re: Raised Bed Kitchen Garden in Ohio

Hi Thera,

We laid fabric block under the gravel paths. (tho I still have chives coming up !)
For the raised beds we just built on top of the grass . . . added good soil, humus and compost and figured over time the grass would just compost itself, which it has. We did dig and turn a little thru the grass to speed up the process.
This year I toped off the beds with more organic soil and compost, and I'm seeing lots of worms doing their work!
We are eating spinach, lettuce and radishes now . . can't wait for all hte other goodies this summer!

Lori Ann