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Re: Build Your Own Potato Growing Box

Should have added that I'm in Central Oregon and we are just now getting our first frosts.

Re: Build Your Own Potato Growing Box

I planted a 2x2 box, 7 stacks high with 2x10 risers.
I planted Kennebec and Yukon Golds.
I checked the base about a month ago and nothing going on.
So I left everything growing until the plants died down.
They were 3 feet over the top of the box.
Yesterday, I started harvesting at the top working down.
I harvested 47 pounds of potatoes.
I tried this last year using regular garden soil and got very few potatoes.
This year I used a mulch/soil mix.
The results seem to suggest that soil choice is very important to the process as it needs to be somewhat lighter for success.
Thanks for the article.