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Re: Question: Can Anyone Identify This Pepper?

They are indeed small sweet peppers and the seeds are usually of mixed variety in a package. They are excellent as is or for pickling. I myself usually eat them right off the plant and enjoy in a fresh salad or grilled on a kabob. Enjoy them as they do taste great, I always save my seeds and replant from all my home grown peppers. Hope this helps.

Re: Readying the Garden for Fall

Loved this article! I woild love to read more like this at this time of year.

Re: A Least Toxic Approach to Pesticides

Pss...don't forget to check your recycled birdfeeders & birdhouses, as they may need to be replaced or refurbished.
Jill Williams ;-)

Re: A Least Toxic Approach to Pesticides

Uh,hum... vertebrea pests for example--deer, rabbits etc. Please people do not harm these beautiful animals, even squirrels, I garden and we all get along just fine on the property and with all the woods surrounding the property. Try a small hot hire, like the cattle men use or my preferred method is to use old bread and the larger leaves of harvested plants, a bag of corn placed in an out of way place to keep them away from my garden. After all we did encroach upon their living space making it difficult to forage for food. It seems to work well for me. I have also hung up old maxwell House coffee (plastic cans) for bird house's and feeders. Even before they started recycling, I reclycled. I love mother earth and all her creatures. I also have a healthy respect for them. Want to reduce global warming plant a tree or two. I do it to honor someone who's passed away that I love. Give to the National Arbor Day Society and they'll send you trees to plant or plant a tree in a National Forest to Honor someone you Love. It really is a great feeling to know you've done something for the one you love, something for the planet and something for the animals.
Jill Williams