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Re: Sow Your Own Annual Herbs

Those seedlings in the flat may be arugula, but they sure aren't 'nasturtiums' as described.

Re: How to Grow Beefsteak Tomatoes

Hellman's, hands down.

I've been growing only heirlooms, but have become discouraged by disease problems. This year I'll try hybrids, including Burpee Early Pick. Maybe I'll have more luck - last year was a disaster with all the rain, and then Hurricane Irene here in the northeast.

Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

This summer was phenomenal for growing tomatoes, except for a real lack of rain and mandatory water restrictions since June 22. That said, after the huge losses of last year due to late blight, I'll take a drought. We started 12 varieties from seed this year, and put 4 plants out under plastic in a raised bed in mid-April. This is about 2 months early for my area (Zone 5), but we did not have any late frosts so we got lucky. Our favorites were 'Carbon' (juicy and one of the 'black' group of tomatoes; flavor reminiscent of Brandywine, and nice large fruit. We loved 'Mountain Magic' which we grew from a few sample seeds sent by the introducers. It's blight resistant, but also fabulously productive and delicious with small, perfect fruit. 'Amish Paste' was excellent, as was 'Opalka' and 'Jersey Devil'. We found 'Reisentraube' to be very productive, but quite bland. 'Early Wonder' was a complete washout. 'Japanese Black Trifele' was an arresting amber/brown color, nice size and quite delicious, but had a huge amount of seeds so small they went right through the holes of the food mill when I was trying to make sauce! All in all, a very good growing season with some very interesting tomato finds.