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Re: Video: How to Start Seeds

While I appreciate the video I have to point out that it's not "media" in the flat. It should be labeled "medium". Media means a way of communicating, while the substance being tamped down is matter.

Re: Northeast Tomato Plants Struck by Blight and More

What a wasted year! I can't believe how this slipped up on us while it rained steadily and hovered around 60 degrees for much of the summer. I lost pretty much every plant and I had some collection too. Cherokees, Blacks of several varieties, Rutgers, Brandywine, Roma, Mortgage Lifter, Better Boy and Red Cherries. The yellows - pear, cherries and grapes - didn't totally crash (these were plants I actually purchased) but the pears especially tended to drop off the plant pretty fast. I don't think any of those had a good taste either.

Lost my cukes too in this dang blight. Maybe next year! I can hardly wait to start my seeds again.

Re: my 2008 garden pools

Hey - I thought I was the only one doing that! I love using swimming pools as container gardens. Even old beat up ones that can be picked up on the side of the road work. It's much easier than trying to either plow the ground or build a raised bed. This year I am expanding to flowers and veggies/herb and will try some inflatable pools. My only concern is the exterior, as these pools are brightly colored and have designs like dolphins on them. I got some plastic spray paint to try and hide the outside of the pools but haven't gotten around to that yet.

Glad to see this pool idea worked for someone other than me!