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Re: Harvesting Garlic

Thank you Ruth. I live 35 mi. North of Austin, TX. I assure you we have to water -- with rare exceptions. A neighbor, the one that gave me the Hard Neck cloves to plant , had garlic in the bed next to mine, so we could compare. We planted on the same day and I harvested a week before he did. But the necks of all my garlic plants were very thick and when I pulled the garlic there were huge amounts of roots and all cloves had sprouted. He didn't lose one of his garlic heads. And as I said there was no indication the garlic needed harvesting and none of my garlic produced scapes. I water on a frequent schedule because of my tomatoes, bell peppers, and 1015Y onions. I might mention that the Soft Neck garlic at the other end of the same bed produced fine.

Re: Harvesting Garlic

I grew hardneck garlic this year but they all turned out bad. The bulbs were nice and large but all of the cloves had sprouted before the stems started turning brown indicating the need to be harvested. A neighbor gardener said that I had overwatered them. What is your watering schedule recommendation?