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Re: The Tomato Dilemma: What kinds should I plant?

Like Eyelean, living on the Northwest coast tomato growing is trial and error. I've had good success with the tomatoes from the old Soviet Union like Black Krim, Black Cherry, Black Plum and their flavor is exquisite. My biggest surprise was a medium-size tomato called Jaune Flamme. Very prolific, orange-gold fruit, tasted like a tomato trying to be tropical fruit. 25 vines produced hundreds of fruit. I tried Schimmeig Striped Hollow once and it was truly a different fruit but it ripens late and had spotty pollination so I experienced only a few fruit. Carmello was a disaster and succumbed to blight way before any other tomato variety showed signs. Matt's Wild Cherry sounds romantic, going back to the original wild plant and all, but I got more leaf than fruit and chalked that one up to novelty. Striped Zebra is fun and a great novelty, but needs a long growing season. I plant it as early as I can in the hottest spot I can spare and wait until the fruit have a tinge of gold showing between the green stripes. That's when it has perfect flavor. I'll be experimenting with containers mostly this year due to some construction so I'm always interested in folks container experiences.