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Re: How to Grow Artichokes

The way I over-winter my artichokes follows the weatherman. You don't do anything special until a HARD frost is predicted. Light frost does nothing to artichokes and they will start regrowing afterwards.

Now, you must prepare a little bit. Have hedge clippers in hand as well as something to cover the artichokes up. I use raked dry leaves. I cut the artichokes down to about 4-6" tall. Then I coved with the tree leaves. I chop up the artichoke leaves and compost them.

In the spring, when it starts getting close to freezing at night, I start uncovering the artichokes. I keep the leaves piled like a moat surrounding the artichokes, in case I need to recover them because of a hard frost. You can also use an overturned 5 gallon bucket, but I wouldn't use it for the whole winter. They'll overheat during the day and they might start regrowing and then get bit when the temperature drops.

Last winter, I lost one plant but I still have 9 plants that have overwintered for the last three years. I live in zone 6, used to be zone 5.

I just had my first two of the season. Last year, I got over 200 artichokes. They aren't the huge ones you seen in the stores, but I cook many a lobster sized pot full of them.