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Re: How to Grow Micro Greens

My husband made me a grow light for an old table we salvaged. It has two long fluorescent tubes, 1 warm 1 cool, and is supported by PVC piping. It also is on a timer so lights go on and off consistently. You can find plans on this site here: http://www.vegetablegardener.com/item/10376/diy-pvc-grow-light-stand. My DH is handy and added some modifications so we can raise and lower the lights. they are supper for seed starting.

Re: How to Grow Micro Greens

Aren't they great and such fun too! I had success planting them indoors under a light this winter. I planted them in small containers every 10-14 days. That way I had fresh sprouts to harvest. Now I'm trying to decide about indoors or out; I think I'll try both!! My seeds were from Johnny's Seeds. I got enough to last me the year I think! A large package of mild mix. They also sell individual greens and mark their vegetable seed packet for varieties that will do well as micro-greens. I have my eye on some with purple stems - they look smashing in a salad.

Re: Roasting Vegetables to Perfection

Why can't i save this article - like we can on fine gardeing site?