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Re: DIY Square Foot Garden Planting Templates

I did a modified square foot gardening in some of my beds this year and had very good success. I made a 16 hole jig. However I drilled holes and clued little pegs that are used when laminating wood together. The were great for the fine seed like carrots and beets. I plan on doing a 9 hole jig for next spring and I have a size larger peg I will use for that.

Re: QUESTION: How to keep cats out of raised bed garden

Last fall when I planted my garlic in the raised bed I did lay a piece of chicken wire over the top but come spring I removed it cultivated the soil and planted my onion plants in the rest of the bed. I need to be able to weed and cultivate the soil to keep it loose for the onions to grow so I just put a little chicken wire fence around it and no more litter box activity all summer.

Re: Garlic Scapes

I grow softneck garlic and I didn't have a scapes on it. Should I just harvest when it is half green and half brown or should I wait until it is brown.