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Raised garden bed

Raised garden bed I tried from another user...  I am using the square foot gardening method with this bed.  Working great so far, because we have a large dog that digs, and she has left it...

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Re: Raised garden bed

Nope, I have a golden doodle (golden retriever/standard poodle cross) She's gotten better now that I'm giving her more exercise, but there is just something for some dogs about freshly turned earth... :)

Thanks, Ruth :) I wish I could say it was my design, but I'm glad I could copy it. :)


Re: DIY Food Scrap Digester/Composter

BRILLIANT! Thank you! I have been trying to find ideas for composting, and this is a great one! Plus, I don't have a lot of room for composting and this will work wonderfully! YAY!