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Re: Build a Simple Cold Frame

I'm not to knowledgable on the subject but I do know that plants, mainly trees do expel tiny amounts of heat. So I am wondering if there are any cold hardy plants that tend to expel more heat then others. So including some in your cold box may add a little more warmth. Just a thought.

Re: Build a Simple Cold Frame

I live in Maine and in the Winter at times it can reach 20 below zero. A trick I thought of involves a mylar survival blanket.

Line your box with the mylar, rather then the bare wood absorbing heat and expelling it to the cold air outside, the mylar will keep the heat and the suns infrared rays bouncing around inside your box.

If you wanted to go further you could dig out your box about 12" and then line the hole with mylar, put your soil back in over the mylar, this will keep more of the cold from the ground out and more heat in. If it's a raised bed it's much easier.

It can save you a few degrees.