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Re: DIY Plant Spacer

"There is this compelling drive in my brain to have all of my plants and rows spaced as perfectly as they possibly can be."

Haha, I thought I'm the only crazy one with a measuring stick when I transplant.

Re: Why You Should Have Radishes in Your Garden

I love radishes and I love planting them! You are right, they are instant gratification veggie. After a long winter, I'm just so anxious to plant something and want to see results soon, radishes definitely is the one to plant.
I do like my radishes spicy!

Re: Newspaper Mulch: The Cheap Organic Weed Barrier

I have been using newspaper as weed barrier for at least 2 years now. It works great!

Re: Home-Grown Potatoes!

I can't wait! I am itching to plant something but everything is still snow-covered.
I love potatoes. This year I'm planting one variety of fingerlings and 2 varieties of regular potatoes.

Re: Garden Supplies On The Cheap: Your Home Edition

I cut empty cleaned sour cream/yogurt/whipped cream containers into strips and use them as my plant labels.