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Re: Raspberries: An Affordable Luxury in Tough Times

pearlyshells, I also have had that problem. I don't remember if my canes had white streaks last year (they haven't started growing again yet since its still winter). But they were big, healthy, and had very few to no berries. It was about a 10 x 3 foot patch of raspberry canes. I'm also wondering what I need to do to improve the crop output this year...

I tried a net last year hoping that I would save what few berries grew from the birds, but it just seemed to trap the grasshoppers instead and didn't let the birds eat the grasshoppers so they took over. I won't do that again.

Help! I would love to have a successful raspberry crop this year. Is there any amendment I need to put into the soil? The raspberries are 3 years old in this location this summer, but were transplanted from a mature garden.