Grow Your Herbs & Plants Indoors for the Winter

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Front of Greenhouse
Garden seeds all herbs
Inside Greenhouse
Mini Seeder Kit I used. Which I also found on Craigslist in Farm and garden section.
Front of GreenhouseClick To Enlarge

Front of Greenhouse

I heat it with a grow light 75 watts and a regular Halogen light. Both from Home Depot which cost be around $20.00. It doesn't cost a fortune in electric either. Im in California where the weather is usually mild, but sometimes we do get in the 20's. The recycled material I found on Craigslist under materials, for the 2x4 and other wood. The plastic I got from a wine farmer. I was driving by and saw the plastic in trash bin and stopped and asked if I could have it. As far as dimensions I will have to measure. It was a very inexpensive project because the garage wall and fence were already built. So was made with a few 2x4's, wire, and plastic.

The wire I got from a construction work sight, where they had over ordered and they were going to take it to the dump. That was free also. I ended up with about 8 rolls of it and have used it for all kinds of projects. Fencing, chicken coop, cover vegetables, plants, etc for the winter. I also gave some away to some non-profit animal organizations that really needed it.

I will post the dimensions and building material soon.

The main purpose of the greenhouse is to grow herbs in a controlled environment.

More Information: My own design
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