Kitchen Bundles--Another Easy Fragrant Gift for the Holidays

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cookinwithherbs susan belsinger, contributor
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Kitchen bundles, made from fresh herbs, make a fragrant and useful gift for any gardener or cook. Click on the other pix to enlarge and read captions.  
Cut fresh rosemary and sage, or any other herb you might have on hand, fresh or dried chiles, green florist wire, thin ribbon, and your own creativity is all that is required to make herbal swags or mini wreaths.
Gather herbs, chile peppers, wire, wire cutters, ribbon, scissors and get creative! 
Simply wire a bunch of fresh herbs together at the top, twisitng a loop from the extra wire in the back to hang the swag, add chiles and ribbon, and voila--that simple!
On the left is a fresh-made kitchen bundle, and on the right is one that is a few months old. They dry quite nicely--can be used as adornment--or the cook can trim off what she/he needs to flavor any dish.
I harvested these chiles back before the first frost. I use them to decorate swags and wreaths, make chili powder and to throw into the soup or bean pot.
Close-up of swag--this one has rosemary which is the herb of remembrance as well as the Christmas herb, sage for good health, and partially dried chile peppers for color and zest!
Sometimes I leave extra wire after securing the herb bundle together, allowing it to dangle down on either side and wire an extra couple of chiles on for more color. Just twist the ends after sliding the chile on, so that they dont fall off.
Make mini wreaths by winding the herb sprigs together--you can secure them with a little wire if need be. Sometimes I wrap ribbon around the wreath--other times I add a little bow or cluster of chiles. I use them as ornaments, hang them in windows and tie them on packages.
The wreaths are a great adornment on a bottle of bubbly or vinegar. Wrap can be simple or elegant.
Brown paper and garden herbs are a green way to wrap up your holiday gifts.
Simple and natural--have a happy, healthy and herbal holiday season!
Kitchen bundles, made from fresh herbs, make a fragrant and useful gift for any gardener or cook. Click on the other pix to enlarge and read captions.  Click To Enlarge

Kitchen bundles, made from fresh herbs, make a fragrant and useful gift for any gardener or cook. Click on the other pix to enlarge and read captions.  

Photo: Susan Belsinger

I've been making kitchen bundles, swags and wreaths ever since I began growing herbs. They are natural, fragrant gifts which can be used for decoration or, they are useful seasonings to the cook, novice or professional. Sometimes, I just bundle up the green herbs using the different textures and silvery gray and bright green tones. During the holidays, I like to brighten them with scarlet chile peppers and colored ribbon.

My favorite herbs to use in winter are the seasonal robust herbs like sage, rosemary, savory and oregano, however feel free to use whatever you like or have on hand. I especially like rosemary since it symbolizes remembrance and is celebrated as the Christmas herb, not to mention its resinous piney aroma. Although I make these with fresh herbs, they dry quite nicely, and I still use them to cook with. With some scissors, just snip what you need for your recipe.

To make kitchen bundles or mini wreaths, all you need are fresh herbs, some fresh or dried chile peppers, thin green florist wire and wire cutters, pretty ribbon, scissors--then let your creative juices flow. Give them as a hostess gift, tie them onto packages, or around the neck of a bottle. The little wreaths look great on the tree, hanging from a handle or knob, or in windows--I make each one different--no two are alike.

The photos below will guide you step-by-step through the process. And please be sure to click on Cranberry Nut Bars with Rosemary for a delightfully delicious holiday recipe featuring rosemary. 



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