Video: Troubleshooting Tomatoes

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DanielleGardenGirl Danielle Sherry, contributor
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Video Length: 6:53
Produced by: Gary Junken; edited by Cary Delahanty

A few simple steps can keep your tomato plants healthy throughout the growing season and improve the size and quality of the fruit.
Eliminate double leaders. Prune off the smaller stem, and your tomatoes will be bigger.
Remove all stems that are lying on the ground.
Pruning suckers allows sunlight into the central part of the plant. Pinch out little ones, and make a modified cut on larger ones (Missouri pruning).
Fertilize every other week with a liquid fertilizer.
Plants should receive about an inch of water per week. If nature doesn't supply it, you need to.
Yellowing leaves aren't necessarily a problem. As the plant matures, it puts more energy into ripening the fruit and less into the leaves.
A net trellis is a good way to get trailing vines off the ground. Pieces of nylon make good tomato ties.

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