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Question: Can Anyone Identify This Pepper?

comments (6) August 17th, 2012 in Gallery

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CDargz CDargz, member
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I guess theyll be orange... :)

I'm not sure what type of pepper plant this is. It was grown from seed collected from store-bought peppers. I forget what type, but I remember the peppers being sweet and colored orange, yellow or red.

Several peppers have developed on the plant, but they are all still green. Can anyone tell me what type they are, or when (if ever) will they change colour?

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Comments (6)

tonya0960 writes: It sure looks like Serrano. It's happened to me before that I've bought a pepper plant and didn't end up with the pepper I thought it was.
Posted: 10:15 am on May 29th
survivorj writes: They are indeed small sweet peppers and the seeds are usually of mixed variety in a package. They are excellent as is or for pickling. I myself usually eat them right off the plant and enjoy in a fresh salad or grilled on a kabob. Enjoy them as they do taste great, I always save my seeds and replant from all my home grown peppers. Hope this helps.
Posted: 6:13 pm on January 21st
ray1988 writes: wax pepper
Posted: 5:28 pm on August 22nd
CDargz writes: Thanks Jillian for your assistance and Joseph from Arrowhead Alpines Plant Nursery for enriching me with valuable knowledge!

They've started turning orange and will be ready to pick soon. More pictures to be added.
Posted: 7:47 am on August 23rd
Jillian_Faye writes: We have a bunch of other comments coming in! Do you have Facebook? Can you check them out?
Posted: 10:02 am on August 20th
Jillian_Faye writes: Hello! I posted your question on our facebook page ( and we have a response! Joseph Tychonievich of Arrowhead Alpines Plant Nursery says: Most pepper you buy at the store are F1 hybrids, so they won't come true from seed. However, since the sweet trait is caused by a recessive gene, If the parent was sweet, the seedlings will be sweet as well. All peppers change color when they mature, but given she doesn't remember what color the parent was, there is no way to know what color these will be, or how long it will take.
Posted: 10:00 am on August 20th
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