Holiday Gift Ideas For Veggie Gardeners 2012

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yourownvictorygarden Greg Holdsworth, contributor
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Dramm Heavy-Duty Brass Seedling Nozzle
Fiskars Take-Apart Softgrip Garden Shears
Flexrake 500W 14 Hula-Hoe Cultivator
Burpee Green Pepper Glass Ornament
Hydrofarm Windowsill 3 x 20 Heat Mat
Gardeners Supply Nitrile Gloves
Mitigator Bite and Sting Treatment
Reotemp Backyard Compost Thermometer

Well, here we are again my dirty-nailed friends, it's the holiday season. If you're like me, you've been working very hard at your garden most of the year and you're ready to do some celebrating and resting. The year is winding down and the holiday shopping season is about to commence. If you have a gardener on your shopping list, or you need to start dropping hints to family and friends, I would like to offer the following suggestions to get you started.

Reotemp Backyard Compost Thermometer

This backyard compost thermometer is perfectly designed for home composting. It has basic composting instructions printed on the back of the package, temperature ranges on the dial face, and a durable 20" stem that will reach the center of most "backyard sized" compost piles.

Mitigator Bite and Sting Treatment

I don't run into many products that not only do what they advertise, but go beyond that. Mitigator is one of those products. As I've mentioned before, I'm a mosquito magnet. I could not believe how quickly this product works. Once I applied it, the pain was gone in less than two minutes! To use it, you scrub the bite area, and it neutralizes the toxins that cause the swelling and blistering. Mitigator is effective on stings and bites from fire ants, bees, wasps, jelly fish, mosquitoes, spiders, horse flies and most other insects. A must-have if you get bit a lot.

Tec Labs Tecnu Extreme Medicated Poison Ivy Scrub

Since we're on the subject of pain relief, let's move on to one of the most dreaded-poison ivy. Tecnu Extreme takes care of your poison ivy or oak rash in one step. Washing with Tecnu Extreme not only removes the rash-causing plant oil, urushiol, but it also relieves itching and soothes burning from poison ivy, oak and sumac rash.

Flexrake 500W 14" Hula-Ho Cultivator

One of the most effective weeding tools I've found in my many years of gardening is the scuffle hoe, also known as the hula-ho. I thought to myself, "self,… wouldn't it be cool if they made a hand-tool version of this tool for smaller areas?" Well, they did! This tool features a lacquer hardwood handle and comfort molded grip.

Iris Double Photo Keeper with 12 Photo Cases

Looking for a cool way to store your seeds? This photo storage box includes 12 photo cases for…, well…, seeds. Great for sorting seeds, or seed packets by veggie, month or season.

Fiskars Take-Apart Softgrip Garden Shears

I recieved this tool as a gift last year, and it still works like brand-new. I've broken enough cutting shears to know that these are top quality. Some of its features include a serrated edge, stainless steel blades, comfortable Softgrip handles, a take-apart design for easy cleaning, usable for both right and left-handed users, and finally, a lifetime warranty.

Hydrofarm Windowsill 3" x 20" Heat Mat

One of the challenges and thrills of gardening is starting your own transplants from seed. Certain veggie seeds require warm temperatures to germinate, often a challenge in colder climates. Heat mat to the rescue. This windowsill heat mat is perfect for veteran growers, beginners and children. It's the perfect size for small growing spaces. By warming the roots, you increase your growing success, as this mat will maintain a controlled temperature. Perfect for windowsill container gardens.

Kinsman Company Garden Tool Sharpening Kit

As we wind down the gardening year, one of our tasks is to do a tool tune-up. Before you put away your tools, sharpen them up and they'll be ready to serve you another year. This tool sharpening kit features three garden tool sharpeners in one pack. You get the shear/scissor sharpener, the pruner sharpener and a mower/tool sharpener.

Bull Dog Rust Remover

Speaking of tools, how many of you have tools with rust on them? That's fine, you can put your hands down. The Bull Frog Rust Remover is an organic, biodegradable, and non-toxic rust removal gel. It's non-flammable and does not contain any VOCs. It continues to work by preventing rust from returning. The patented corrosion inhibitor contains VCIs (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) that bond electrochemically with the metal surface to seal out air and moisture that quickly cause new rust. This is the same technology that's been protecting military and industrial equipment for years.

Dramm Heavy-Duty Brass Seedling Nozzle

Anyone who's starting their own plants from seeds knows how easy it is to blast the soil out of seed containers with too much water. The Seedling Nozzle allows you to water fragile plants, delicate seedlings or plant cuttings. This high-quality nozzle produces an extra fine, hollow cone mist pattern and sprays 1/2 gallon of water per minute. Made from solid brass for 3/4-inch hose threads.

Sloggers Wide Brim Hat with Insect Shield

One of the many things that distinguishes us as gardeners are our hats. If yours is showing its age, consider one that not only has sun protection, but can repel pests! Yes, that's right, this hat features UPF 50+ sun protection. And, this hat repels all those annoying flying and biting insects due to innovative technology from Insect Shield. Insect Shield's patent-pending process binds insect repellent permethrin to the bandana's fabric to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, midges and no-see-ums. This helps protect you against insects that can carry West Nile virus, Lyme disease and other diseases. No odor, no messy spray - just put on your Sloggers hat and you're protected from the bugs and the sun.

Gardener's Supply Nitrile Gloves

Gloves are mandatory garden gear…no blisters on my watch! Whether you're spreading compost, planting seeds or weeding, they'll keep your hands clean and dry. The palms and fingers are coated with nitrile, an extremely tough yet thin and flexible material that can withstand punctures and even small thorns. When your work is done, you can throw them in the wash.

Burpee Green Pepper Glass Ornament

This post wouldn't be complete without something for your holiday tree. Show all of your family and visitors you're a gardening guru with a veggie tree ornament. Designed in Poland and crafted of glass, this 3" tall green pepper ornament is designed in vivid greens with a high gloss shine. Not a pepper person? There are other veggie ornaments to choose from.

Zazzle Garden Mulching T-Shirt

Are you a "Mulchologist"? Show everyone you're a mulch-master with this cool design on a Hanes ComfortSoft T-shirt. It has a relaxed fit and incredible softness.

Gardener's Supply Buttermilk Compost Crock

For the compost enthusiast on your list, here's an attractive way to store kitchen scraps for composting. This ceramic crock has a vintage look that complements any kitchen decor. It takes up minimal countertop space yet holds 5 quarts of material. Includes a charcoal filter to control odors for up to two months.

Kids Large Gardening Tool Boxed Set - Hardwood

Last, but not least, a gift for the young gardeners in the family. Fun for the garden or sandbox, this boxed set contains a garden rake, spade, hoe and leaf rake. Each metal tool is 27.5" long and has hardwood handles.


Happy shopping!


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