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JDMolly JDMolly, member
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I planted seeds the 25th. of Jan., and they are up about 3 inches. The stems rot off at the ground level, and fall over.

Any suggestions?

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Posted: 5:05 am on November 4th
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Posted: 2:37 am on August 12th
Antonio_Reis writes: Hi there JDMolly!

The editors think damping off is what's killing your seedlings. The best way to control this disease is to prevent it, really. Try all or some of the following when you start seeds again:

-Plant seeds and root cuttings only in sterilized seedling mix or other planting media, using only sterilized containers.
-Use only clean non-recycled water on the seeds.
-Place seed trays on clean, sterilized benches.
-Do not allow soiled hands and tools to come into contact with the sterile media. Reintroduction of the fungi can cause fast disease progression because other fungi which normally compete with these fungi are absent from sterile mixes.
-Remove any trays with damping-off immediately.
Posted: 4:40 pm on February 11th
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