Seed Starting 101 - Part III

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yourownvictorygarden Greg Holdsworth, contributor
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Video Length: 6:17
Produced by: Greg Holdsworth


1. Planting seeds

Seeds can be planted:

• Directly from the packet - tapping it to release seeds
• Putting seeds in the palm of your hand and placing them with your fingers

Holes for the seeds can be made by:

• Your fingers (seen in the part II video)
• Empty pen, marker, chopstick, etc. (ditto)
• A cool other way - use the bottom of another cell pack

2. Time to label your seed plantings 

You can use: 

• Plastic or wood craft sticks
• Put plant, variety and date on label 

3. Watering your seedlings 

You can water by: 

• Spraying or watering the top of the soil mix
• Pouring water into the tray and allowing the water to 'wick' upward (more efficient method) 

Cool Tip: 

• The wooden craft stick can be used as a "moisture meter". The surface of the soil may seem dry, but the stick can indicate if the lower part of the soil is dry or wet


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