Tomato Problems PLEASE HELP

comments (1) July 15th, 2013

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tadpole911 tadpole911, member
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hey guys im having some various different issues with my plants. I have raised beds and such and man oh man they took off great and looked awesome. Well now i been noticing Squirels taking tomatoes and such. Also been noticing almost like some kind of rott or something on the stems and its stumps me im new at this and would love to get some help with both these issues and how i can fix and such. I spent so much on everything to lose it already when tons of blooms and green tomatoes there already and the rot then squirels stealing them here are the pictures. The rott is on numerous plants as well Also issues with peppers and little bugs i will post in the other forum help as well lol thank you to all that will chime in

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yourownvictorygarden writes: Rotting, in general, almost always points to overwatering IMO. This can be affected by a fungus, though your plants look fairly healthy. As far as squirrels go, I definitely have them around but they don't appear to be doing anything to my tomatoes. I can only suggest floating objects above the plants the scare them off, or use one of those liquid or granular animal "barriers" that nurseries and home centers carry. Good luck.
Posted: 3:58 pm on July 16th
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