Peppers with bugs on Leafs and etc. PLEASE HELP

comments (1) July 15th, 2013

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tadpole911 tadpole911, member
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I am growing some Cayenne, jalepeno, Sweet and Hot Banana as well as some Bell peppers. Well I have had to pull up about 4 now due to sudden just would go fully wilted and i would pull up and it was like seperated from the root. Well also there are these small White and small red bugs on the plants even on the blooms themselves. I have spent a lot of money and don't want to lose all of them. Please help i have taken pics and most are on the bell but of course are on the others as well as well. I have sprayed some of the stuf which was called Martins Vegetable plus... Also tried Seven dust... Im have some kind of weird rott on the tomatoes also and took some pics. Also squirels have been stealing them i posted in the tomatoe forums but really could use help so i don't waste 1000+ bucks

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yourownvictorygarden writes: The bugs in the pepper photos are aphids BIG TIME. They have destroyed many a pepper transplant. They go right where it hurts the most, the new growth areas. My weapons of choice are insecticidal soap and neem oil. Some sources say blasting them off with water, but that hasn't helped in my experience.
Posted: 4:03 pm on July 16th
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