Green house heating

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I have just put in a 8x16 ft green house this summer and it is crammed right now with all my summer plants.  I live in the mis section of North Carolina so our winters are not brutal but they do get frosty and they say this year is going to be particularly wicked.  I am presently keeping my greenhouse at night at 40 degrees with a small space heater.  My husband has not gotten our first electric bill yet and I am looking for alternative heating methods  as he is VERY thrifty.  My greenhouse stands away from the house and so I cannot use the dryer vent method.  I love the Christmas lights idea.  Does the kerosene from a kerosene heater cause damage to the plants.  I have the lourvers sealed in my roof so their is no ventilation except from the doors when opened  Our sun is still pretty sstrong so the greenhouse heats up beautifullu during the day Do the Big Chriistmas tree lights heat sufficiently at night?  Any and all suggestions are greatly welcomed Thank you 

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Comments (8)

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