How to Make a Quick and Easy Raised Garden Bed

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Video Length: 2:12
Produced by: Bernadette Fox

My family came up with a very easy method to make a raised garden bed. All we found we needed were logs from felled trees. I had even made a cold frame using this method. Check it out here:

The reason we chose to only use logs is that we wanted to make sure it was easy to remove after the growing season has ended. Why? For a variety of reasons including the ease of moving the bed to another part of your garden (called crop rotation) to avoid problems that come about (disease, nutrient deficiency, etc) when you plant over the same spot again and again; to more easily spade the soil and amend it for another vegetable crop; to remove the bed if it's in the way for whatever reason (eg. change of garden plan); and the list goes on.

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