Cool Way to Use Recycled Tyres for Gardening Decorations

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The Finished Looks
Start with simple tyres
Wait for them to dry
Put them in the grownd
The Finished LooksClick To Enlarge

The Finished Looks

Photo: Geoff Smith

Many people prefer to spend tons of money to get the latest and most stylish decorations for their backyards and gardens. But you can make your green area better looking even with simple methods like painting a few old tyres. It's cheap, it's good for the environment, because you recycle the tyres, and your garden will have a really unique look. So here is a guide for how to upcycle tyres and turn them to gardening ornaments.

1. Get the tyres

First of all you will need a few plain car tyres. I've seen people using tractor tyres, but it all depends on your taste and the size of your property. The regular car ones will do just fine, plus they are easier to find and cheaper. You will decide what quantity you'll need. For a garden 5x5 metres I used around 25 tyres. 

Don't forget to get paint, too. You decide what colours would look better in your garden, but I prefer brighter ones, because they make the backyard a jolly place. I used 4 different colours. It should be exterior paint, so it could survive the different weather conditions (rain, sun, heat, wind).

2. Start Painting

I am a fan of simplicity. So instead of making some weird patterns or trying to be very artistic, I decided to paint each tyre with a single colour. The effects are stunning. From a plain black tyre, now I have 25 colourful ones.

You will need a simple painting brush and maybe a few bricks. Paint each tyre separately and put it over a brick. Group the colours (e.g. Put yellow tyres over yellow etc.). This is done, because the colours will stay pure and won't mix. And the brick is used, so you don't get pain on the ground and you don't ruin the pain on the freshly dyed tyre.

I personally have used creates (instead of bricks), because I had a few spare ones in the garage. With the right conditions they will be completely dry after a day.

3. Start Arranging

When the paint is dry start arranging the tyres. I have used most of them as a fence, to isolate a small space in my backyard. All you need is a shovel to dig a few holes. The tyres should be half-buried in the ground. It looks more aesthetic like this. You can put them on both sides of your path too.

My suggestion is to put different colours randomly, so it becomes a more cheerful place. A monotone row of tyres is too plain and unattractive.

4. Become Creative

A simple fence is not enough. Why don't you use your creativeness and create a piece of art. What I have done in the end is to build a pyramid of tyres. Each row is used as a pot. Or you can place an actual pot inside. This way you can have different levels of flowers and plants. The higher ones can be creepers who go down to the ground. It's your choice. I prefer smaller plants.

You can also plant pots behind the tyre fence. It would look really good when they grow up. The other option is to put solar lamps. This way during the evening your tyre garden will look amazing.

The finished look should have a lot more green than the picture shows, but it will take a few weeks until ryegrass grows. Sorry for the unfinished looks.

I got the idea from an end of tenancy cleaning company in London when they were doing my moving out procedures. People like this have plenty of experience and have the greatest ideas for renovations and cheap DIYs.

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Comments (10)

Posted: 1:05 am on June 15th
DanyConnor writes: What a lovely garden!

Danielle Connor
Posted: 10:16 am on December 8th
natalyaseabrooke writes: Great tip! You can also cut them in half and arrange them like the leafs of a flower (with a whole tyre in the middle). That would be so cute!
Posted: 8:41 am on November 23rd
TianaRodriquez writes: Yes Anne i think that's wonderful idea :)
Posted: 8:41 am on June 22nd
TianaRodriquez writes: Yes Anne i think that's wonderful idea :)
Posted: 8:38 am on June 22nd
AnnePark writes: It could be used for kindergardens like a fence also :)
Posted: 7:52 am on June 22nd
DeniseHurley writes: Great job. I would definitely try it out. Got me a few ideas, but overall the colours are quite different from what I imagine. A bit of change here and there and it would make a great decoration. Keep it up.
Posted: 6:54 am on June 18th
Smith_Alexa writes: A really great idea!I've seen this good idea in many gardens in London.
Posted: 2:58 am on June 18th
SynthiaLeary writes: Great idea I will try it when I visit my parents at the contry
Posted: 8:34 am on June 6th
jasoncooper writes: Awesome keep it up .. great work
Posted: 1:10 am on June 5th
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