Can I heat my "lean to" greenhouse through an open window in my cottage?

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I live in a small 2-roomed cottage in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California at @ 2500 ft elevation. I heat my cottage with a woodstove that is much too large for such a small space. Every winter I am opening the doors and windows to cool things off to a bareable temperature.

I grow succulents and generally put them in a cold frame surrounded with hay and let them go dormant for the winter. I loose a few when the temps. get low and if it snows, I'll loose even more. I would like to have a better survival rate and it would be nice if they would continue to grow during the winter months.

I just purchased a small "lean to"  type greenhouse and I am wondering if I can "lean" it against a wall with a window and then leave the window open so that the heat from my woodstove heats it as well as my cottage. I am not sure of the logistics of greenhouse growing and I am wondering if anyone has tried something like this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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