6 Super Healthy Ways To Spice Up Your Meals

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Most of the spices we know today have been brought to our lands by China, India and Persia long time ago. Amongst them the popular black and red pepper, oregano, salt, basil, cinnamon, parsley, allspice, saffron and many others. During the Roman age, the spices spread out even further and today their use in the kitchen and as medicine happens everywhere in the world.


Spices can intensify or totally change the taste of every meal. Very often the secret of a chef recipe is namely in the seasoning. Many of the flavours are used as herbs, too. On the other hand, herbs can be used as medicine – by boiling it in the form of a tea, or consumed in combination with other products.


The Indian study on food and healthy Ayurveda considers spices a medicine. Each one can have special qualities and be able to improve the digestive process, by stimulating the blood circulation and the synthesis of enzymes. Adding the proper spices to your dish can have the same effect as the intake of those digestive enzymes.


Let's see what are the healing properties of some of the most popular and loved spices!




Known for hundred of years as a flavouring for different desserts, in also has antiseptic action, suppresses bacteria, causing infections of the bladder. One of its main uses in in fighting obesity and diabetes type II. It's considered that cinnamon contains an ingredient, which improves the insulin susceptibility and, together with that, the ability of the cells to use glucose with less insulin secreted. People in good health with lower levels of insulin hormone will gain less fat, especially in the stomach area and will use their fat depots easier as a source of energy.




It is considered that it improves the digestive system, as well as it gives a pleasant flavour and freshness of your breath. It is beneficial to the neural system, takes off the pressure and stimulates the brain activity. It helps to secrete the mucus and that's why it can be used to treat asthma, bronchitis, cough or common cold. Thanks to the antiseptic and painkilling properties, cardamon soothes the toothache and cleanses the mouth cavity, since it effectively neutralises the pathogen environment.




Clove is the most powerful antioxidant amongst all seasoning. Spanish scientists found, that it is due to the largest quantity of phenol substances. The clove lowers the processes, connected with separation of free radicals and reduces the too high levels of iron. It helps for improving the blood circulation, stimulates the appetite and has antibacterial effect. Clove oil is a natural remedy for toothache.




The traditional Eastern Asia healers use it to treat benign tumours and as a preventive measure towards cancer diseases, sexual disturbances, promoting the immunity and even as a painkiller. Nutmeg has anti microbe and anti-cancer action, and it also promotes the bone structure.




Ginger is an excellent regulator of the digestive system, eliminates nausea and vomiting. It will soothe your stomach in case of sore. Ginger has anti-inflammatory action, lowers the cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as high temperature if you get a common cold. It simply act as a natural antibiotic.




In the world of spices, saffron leads the rankings as the most expensive spice. A kilogram of this aromatic bright-orange flavour costs around 1000 dollars. The king of spices is made of the stamens of an autumn saffron (hence the name). The ancient doctors thought that it effectively enriches the blood and affects positively all organs of the human body. Up until today, in some Asian countries, saffron is used to treat diseases connected with black liver and the stomach.



If you are not used to cooking with many spices, begin to experiment with them. Make sure to store them into individual tightly closed jars, in order to preserve their flavour for the maximum time. Another tip for a healthy way of cooking, coming straight from professional cleaners in Havering is to make sure your cooking appliance – be it an oven, a range cooker or a barbecue – is cleaned well from all the grime and cooked-on grease. The dirt can seriously affect the flavour of the meals and all the hustle you lose to find the perfect spice will be for nothing.

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