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Largest sunflower I have ever grown, almost 17 inches long. Summer of 2007.
Other of my largest sunflowers.  Summer of 2007.
This is me holding my nearly 17 inch across sunflower. Summer 2007.
Largest sunflower I have ever grown, almost 17 inches long. Summer of 2007.Click To Enlarge

Largest sunflower I have ever grown, almost 17 inches long. Summer of 2007.

These are the sunflowers I grew in the summer of 2007.  I know they are no record holder but they are a record for me.  We really enjoyed them!

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Comments (98)

Rohit Kumar writes: Large one
Posted: 6:05 am on September 15th
MaryamWasim writes: Amazing..!!
Posted: 5:39 am on May 26th
ElizabethKirk writes: great work
Posted: 12:58 am on December 3rd
marystoops writes: fabulous job
Posted: 4:40 am on November 8th
ElizabethKirk writes: Large one flower
Posted: 6:09 am on November 4th
FaithSkinner writes: Large one
Posted: 12:48 am on November 4th
nicolejaison writes: No secret. I think I added horse manure that year. Also, I remember that these were volunteers in my garden. I usually grow Lyngs giant, an edible sunflower seed. I order from Johnny's.
Posted: 1:24 am on November 3rd
deniserenatt writes: its really so big
Posted: 12:31 am on November 3rd
coreybaldwin7 writes: Thanks for your valuable effort
Posted: 4:05 am on October 29th
georgeshort7 writes: Good job!!
Posted: 2:17 am on October 28th
Teresarusso writes: Great stuff
Posted: 12:09 pm on October 24th
StephenGossman writes: Oh my god! it is too large
Posted: 12:09 am on October 24th
JadeGannon writes: nice
Posted: 2:27 am on October 22nd
sofiabell writes: Its amazing
Posted: 1:29 am on October 22nd
TimothyEveringham writes: nice flowers
Posted: 2:45 am on October 10th
DominicCharlton12 writes: The largest flower of sunflower..
Posted: 1:27 am on October 10th
JohnOneal writes: The big one flower
Posted: 5:47 am on October 8th
PetraJurikova writes: perfect one
Posted: 6:15 am on October 5th
ChloeSwayne writes: too big.
Posted: 2:29 am on October 3rd
Dallinlarsen555 writes: Big one
Posted: 2:47 am on September 30th
ShawnTrail writes: Wow its miracle....
Posted: 1:01 am on September 29th
Dallinlarsen222 writes: fabulous
Posted: 3:04 am on September 27th
Dallinlarsen4 writes: Its too Big
Posted: 1:28 am on September 17th
Dallin_larsen1 writes: that's very big
Posted: 3:17 am on September 16th
Johnychamp writes: very big sunflower
Posted: 4:59 am on September 14th
DallinLarsen writes: massive
Posted: 2:08 am on September 13th
Patriciagilder writes: amazing .its huge
Posted: 5:17 am on September 9th
justinreid writes: Aweesome
Posted: 11:35 pm on August 23rd
Parkevenew writes: very big
Posted: 3:11 am on August 20th
javierdiaz writes: i think its great idea
Posted: 2:39 am on August 11th
ZacharyHarden writes: This is very big. Cool!!!
Posted: 1:22 pm on August 10th
matthewtweedie writes: Its huge one
Posted: 12:29 am on August 3rd
yasminspencer10 writes: very nice...
Posted: 5:00 am on August 2nd
CodyPurser12 writes: really nice
Posted: 4:53 am on August 1st
JenniferMoore10 writes: wow its too big flower
Posted: 1:57 am on July 30th
jameswhite12 writes: wow looking beautiful...
Posted: 12:11 am on July 29th
allanclark writes: its amazing.
Posted: 1:41 am on July 16th
sethlamb10 writes: very beautiful flower.
Posted: 8:14 am on July 14th
RobertCormick writes: too good
Posted: 1:01 pm on July 10th
jacobjohn11 writes: i wish i could seed this.
Posted: 12:26 pm on July 7th
FelisaRussell writes: amazing
Posted: 12:03 pm on July 5th
maxhinesss writes: nice work
Posted: 3:42 am on July 5th
davidrayan writes: This is too big Sunflower i have ever seen in my life.
Posted: 12:50 am on June 24th
DorisNorris writes: Wwwowww buddy
Posted: 4:40 am on June 13th
MacGarnett writes: too good
Posted: 1:46 pm on June 9th
FrankScott2 writes: Grreeaatttt...
Posted: 12:10 am on May 30th
LodaPadilla writes: Pretty ...
Posted: 12:45 am on May 25th
Kavinjose writes: its good for health
Posted: 5:55 am on May 23rd
charlosmarcos writes: too big
Posted: 11:20 am on May 18th
ronitroy writes: The Oil Of Sun Seed ..Great for helth
Posted: 4:17 am on May 13th
Brunojohn writes: big sunflower
Posted: 12:48 pm on May 10th
ShilpaAtwaal writes: Great for health
Posted: 1:09 am on May 10th
alexaida writes: nice
Posted: 12:15 pm on May 9th
VarunDhavan writes: Great Growing
Posted: 1:23 am on May 7th
Davidecristiana writes: nice sun flower
Posted: 12:46 am on April 29th
joangomez writes: If I were a flower…I would be a sunflower.
To always follow the sun,
Turn my back to darkness,
Stand tall, proud and straight even with my head full of seeds.
Posted: 12:29 am on April 27th
JerryJPatterson writes: Appreciated...Really awesome work.
Posted: 12:05 am on April 27th
alliancelimo writes: big sunflower
Posted: 3:37 am on April 4th
GlenPitre writes: awesome
Posted: 5:26 am on March 10th
amyswan writes: incredible
Posted: 2:13 am on February 15th
dennysmudge writes: OMG How bigger it is.
Posted: 11:39 am on February 4th
youngrichard12 writes: Woooww! Its great.
Posted: 5:08 pm on January 18th
Nathan_Burris writes: Incredible.....
Posted: 8:57 am on October 27th
Emily_Rose writes: Really beautiful... You should be very proud...
Posted: 3:10 am on October 27th
LeonPorter writes: These are the sunflowers such as amazing
Posted: 6:22 am on October 26th
CharlesFrasor writes: OMG its Amazing such as shocked.I can't beleive this.Superbbb job
Posted: 6:02 am on October 26th
NaomiFowler writes: It's really healthy at all!!
Posted: 12:30 am on October 26th
RandFish writes: Congratulations! We love it and we appreciate your efforts!

Posted: 2:52 am on October 23rd
LewisGrey writes: sunflower oil keep us healthy
Posted: 3:07 am on October 22nd
BenjaimWelch writes: OMG'''''Its Amazing
Posted: 2:39 am on October 22nd
KodecRex writes: wow… its awesome! very nice.. u did a gooood job! i like the bg! really nice.

Posted: 2:02 am on October 22nd
mickysingh writes: huge ... massive sun flower
Posted: 1:09 am on October 20th
katerobson writes: OMG!!! its too large.
Posted: 7:29 am on October 19th
ajayind writes: its very big sun flower like it
Posted: 2:35 am on October 16th
prophc writes: This is healthy
Posted: 5:33 am on October 10th
CarleenDial writes: It's really healthy to all!!!
Posted: 7:22 am on September 26th
Austin_Ayword writes: great
Posted: 1:57 am on July 6th
Ashtonjames writes: very nice
Posted: 7:09 am on July 2nd
Anna_Bloom writes: nice
Posted: 6:42 am on July 2nd
esteph6 writes: perfect
Posted: 5:01 am on July 2nd
Brettlii writes: awesome
Posted: 2:09 am on June 27th
Lissa53 writes: awewome
Posted: 6:08 am on June 25th
Amymoriya writes: Great work done
Posted: 3:15 am on May 23rd
SoniaGupt writes: This is huge.
Posted: 1:19 am on April 18th
Sandyadkin writes: This is healthy
Posted: 4:38 am on April 13th
RosieKr writes: Thanks a lot
Posted: 1:23 am on April 8th
RosieDavis writes: Looks perfect piece
Posted: 3:10 am on March 30th
alfredsmithh writes: Gaint one
Posted: 6:07 am on March 21st
Mack007 writes: This is giant one :-)
Posted: 4:42 am on March 17th
jamiekrover writes: OMG ...sunflower its so large :-)
Posted: 6:43 am on March 12th
johnsonpaul writes: great
Posted: 1:02 am on March 11th
mathisken writes: woww is that a world record or something
Posted: 8:02 am on February 26th
Desserts13 writes: WOW...the birds usually eat the seeds in mine before I can get a picture.
Posted: 1:07 pm on August 26th
AudraJ_momof6 writes: omgosh, i cant believe i am seeing you on here! please contact me on facebook momofsuper6! I have missed you..... i hope you are all doing well! give your hubs a hug for us.
Posted: 4:31 am on August 27th
Coolmom5 writes: No secret. I think I added horse manure that year. Also, I remember that these were volunteers in my garden. I usually grow Lyngs giant, an edible sunflower seed. I order from Johnny's.
Posted: 2:36 pm on June 4th
wz123 writes: Hi
What's your secret tips to growing them so big ?
I started some in pots and will be bring them to the outside garden soon. So Please let me know.
John W
Posted: 2:42 pm on May 29th
AutumnsEcho writes: They look like a record holder to me. Great job!

I grew quite a few sunflowers for the first time a couple of years ago and they grew to about 12 ft tall. The backyard looked like the Green Giant's garden. The kids loved it. Sunflowers will always be in the garden from now on.
Posted: 10:42 am on March 21st
Kate_Frank writes: They're pretty huge. I'd be proud, too.
Posted: 7:26 pm on March 13th
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