Best Weed Cultivator: The Hoe of Death

comments (3) July 15th, 2009

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ChrisMcLaughlin Chris McLaughlin, contributor
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This is actually my hoe of death on night patrol.
Just not as satisfying as the hoe of death.
Photo by The Marmot under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0.
This is actually my hoe of death on night patrol.Click To Enlarge

This is actually my hoe of death on night patrol.

Photo: Anthony Deffina

Weeds o' mine, don't ask for whom the hoe comes for thee.

When gardeners discuss hoes, the mind usually conjures up one of two images. The first one involves the red light district, and the second is the traditional gardening cultivator. The one with the solid piece of flat metal secured at the end of a long wooden handle. While my mind ends up straying from the street hoe in the first example, it also doesn't picture what you might think of as the typical garden hoe either.

No, my personal favorite is the one that has a sharp metal, rectangular frame that's known to the normal gardening community as the stirrup hoe. My weapon of choice for post-emergent weed control is what I affectionately call "the hoe of death." I know about the new hoe models out there that claim to be superior at pulling or digging up weeds that are strangling the life out of our vegetables and perennials.

Yet, none satisfy me like the hoe of death. This tool delivers. The metal lies flat on the soil and with a little push-me pull-you motion, you get to watch the surprise in the weed's beady little eyes as it slides to the base of the little life-sucker and chops it well below the knees.

For raised beds or getting up close and personal with your enemy, there's the hand-held hoe of death. Shorter yes, but just as ruthless. The mini hoe of death is like dental floss in that you can get to those hard-to-reach-places without disturbing  your desired crops.

It's incredibly gratifying to watch the hoe of death do what it was bred to do best. But then, I can be like that.

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Comments (3)

PureManureTea writes: We have been blessed with early rain here in Southern California I too have pressed my stirrup hoe into early action. Daily walks down my 500 ft long driveway to the mail box, hoe in hand working weeds on the right side on my way there and on the left as I work my way back to the ranch house...Never leave home without it!
Posted: 11:22 am on December 5th
bridie writes: how do you sharpen the scuffle hoe?
Posted: 3:12 pm on July 18th
yourownvictorygarden writes: So true Chris. Also referred to the action or scuffle hoe, this tool can kick some major weed butt! A must for any gardener's tool arsenal.
Posted: 1:02 pm on July 18th
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