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Town Hall, Newtown, CTClick To Enlarge

Town Hall, Newtown, CT

Hi, my name is Andy and I blog for, one of veggie gardener's sister sites. I also run a baking company with my wife and we participate in a couple of farmers' markets during the summer. Recently our hometown market was forced to relocate because of some town zoning law. Below is the latest post from my blog - The Basement Baker - I thought that it had cross-over appeal. You can visit my blog if you want: Does anyone out there sell what you grow at a market? Have you run into uncompromising local governments? Tell me your experiences and voice your opinion!!! Here is the post:

We have been so busy that I didn't even realize it had been over two weeks since my last post (on basement baker)! Doing two markets is a lot of work - we even had to drop a third.

So...things have been going well, though not as well as I initially projected. We've done close to $1500 in sales so far - at least enough to cover the cost of all the gear we bought. Now the town of Newtown (home sweet home) has thrown a wrench in the works and kicked our local market out of a prime spot! I guess the only silver lining is that the new new location (or is that the 'old location'?) is right behind the church where I have my kitchen. So, I guess that makes me a little happy (my wife is happy, too, because I am not using her car as storage for the tent and tables!).

I am not quite sure what law we were violating by holding a market on private property - we were inspected by the local health department and we pay our taxes! I'm going to get to the bottom of this...

In the meantime, voice your opinion on this post or send me an email ( I'll send a copy to the town's zoning committee.


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