Broccoli plants getting eaten

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what is eating my broccoli plantsClick To Enlarge

what is eating my broccoli plants

I have been struggling to save my broccoli, kale and brussel sprout plants.  I have enclosed them with chicken wire and wrapped that with weed fabric.  Yet something continues to eat the leaves of those there plants.  Does anyone recognize the pattern of what is eating these plants from the pictures above?  I have tried slug repellent with mixed results.  If you recognize the bite pattern what would suggest to stop this from happening?  Diatomaceous earth?  Thanks for your help


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Comments (6)

adripal writes: I found that jerry baker America's Master gardeners library book,is filled
With home made none toxic and money friendly garden solutions!Soap based and washable!good luck this yr!

Posted: 3:09 pm on April 17th
JackTyler writes: good for information
Posted: 11:45 pm on March 17th
NadineAllen writes: Thanks for sharing
Posted: 4:21 am on March 17th
birdmandave writes: try your local ag extension agent for identification. i suspect
the cabbage moth larva myself
Posted: 11:12 am on February 13th
ismaelhale writes: thanks for share..
Posted: 5:50 am on January 6th
Annie_Gaddis writes: Hi Paul, I had the same problem... cabbages, cauliflower, broccholi, brussels sprouts, all eaten away. I tried soap suds, mats on the ground, onion sprays, DE and nothing worked until I sprayed Neem oil. It worked on everything. It's a bit expensive, so I kept an eye out at for a deal, and eventually found one (and even got free shipping). Good luck, hope it works for you too!
Posted: 6:10 pm on July 24th
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