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WesternGardener Jodi Torpey, contributor
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Plant a hanging basket thats almost completely edible from its foliage to its flowers and fruit.Click To Enlarge

Plant a hanging basket that's almost completely edible from its foliage to its flowers and fruit.

Photo: Jodi Torpey

For the last several summers I've turned an ordinary hanging flower basket into something that is as edible as it's beautiful. Last year I planted a cherry tomato with dill and two kinds of colorful flowers.

This year I decided to include plants with edible fruits, flowers and foliage.

I started the seeds from a packet of Litt'l Bites Windowbox Cherry tomato seeds in mid-March. I selected this new variety from Renee's Garden as part of my package of free trial seed packets. The Litt'l Bites is a special container variety that features bite-size tomatoes on sturdy stems.

Of all the tomato seeds I started this season, Litt'l Bites is the only variety where every single seed grew into a transplant. Needless to say, I'm going to be harvesting these cherry tomatoes like crazy once they start to turn red ripe.

No doubt Renee's Garden selected these seeds because they were bred in England, an especially challenging climate for tomatoes. The size of the plants and the tomatoes makes it perfect for a hanging basket, patio container, windowbox or other small vegetable-growing spot.

I combined Litt'l Bites with another packet of Renee's Garden (free) seeds, Little Firebirds Hanging Basket Nasturtiums. Because the foliage and flowers on nasturtiums are both edible, I can make a salad from all the parts of the hanging basket.

The variegated foliage is especially attractive and adds a spicy touch to salads and sandwiches. Little Firebirds gets its name from the color of the flowers and the way they float over the foliage.

With luck, the coral, pumpkin-orange and dark red flowers will start blooming about the same time the tomatoes start turning red for a stunning hanging basket that's good enough to eat.

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Comments (9)

EllisSonja writes: well done
Posted: 4:11 am on October 29th
williejohnson writes: Impressive dude
Posted: 4:04 am on October 26th
KittiePierre writes: very nice post
Posted: 11:56 pm on October 17th
PaulaTucker2 writes: Wow! Very nice.

Posted: 3:43 am on October 12th
robicook writes: It's beautiful Garden
Posted: 11:47 pm on October 9th
SharonOrenstein writes: Everyone is just too nice
Posted: 4:05 am on October 3rd
Ayakazudango writes: I really appreciate your ideas!
Posted: 2:20 am on July 29th
KerrysGarden writes: I had to laugh when I saw your photo. I also planted Litt'l Bites with a trailing nasturtium. I used Amazon Jewel. I have lots of blossoms on mine and a few small green tomaotes. Am hoping for a great harvest.
Posted: 7:16 pm on May 29th
stewardMblake writes: "something that is as edible as it's beautiful" ahaha, I like your engaging writing style.
Posted: 5:25 am on March 10th
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