Squash Vine Borer Guerrilla Warfare - Part I

comments (0) October 2nd, 2015

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yourownvictorygarden Greg Holdsworth, contributor
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Video Length: 5:17
Produced by: Greg Holdsworth


One of the most destructive, feared and hated garden pests can destroy squash and pumpkin plants without remorse.
Seemingly overnight.
Fight them like you never have before.
This year… it's personal.
The first part of the video series focuses on combating the squash vine borer at its beginning stages - the pupae and egg stage. If you've had problems with borers last year, you can attack them before they become destructive.
Pupae - You can look for these in the winter by cultivating the top 1-3" of the soil. Then you take out the "cocoons", you take out the moths that lay the eggs.
Eggs - If moths are already present, your mission becomes harder, as you now have to find and destroy the eggs that moths have laid. Fear not… you can arm yourself with a mirror and magnifying glass. The video also shows how you can reveal the eggs on the vine, even when they are covered in dirt!
Good luck, and happy hunting!

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