Asbestos in the garden

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Garage/shed roof containing asbestos.
Photo: Asbestos Removal Costs - Asbestos RemovalistsClick To Enlarge

Garage/shed roof containing asbestos.

Photo: Asbestos Removal Costs - Asbestos Removalists

Up until the turn of the century, asbestos was commonly used throughout domestic and commercial properties. It has some great properties, but can also be extremely dangerous and has been linked to a number of fatal diseases.

In the garden, asbestos was often found in most garage roofs, where is was mixed with cement to create sheets. Its widespread use has resulted in most older properties containing asbestos. 

Many homeowners have received incorrect information about how to deal with asbestos garage roofs, which has meant many domestic gardens now contain buried asbestos. As most asbestos has been buried in plastic, it will not break down, and can cuase problems for future property owners who will stumble accross the buried asbestos and risk exposure. 

For anyone that enjoys gardening, the idea of burying asbestos in a domestic garden is not a great idea. Not only could adults come accross the buried asbestos whilst planting in their garden, but children could find it whilst playing, or pets could unviel it whilst digging.

If you are looking to dispose of asbestos, the best option is to use an authorised disposal provider, or speak with your local council for advice. Burying asbestos in your own backyard will almost certainly cause problems for future generations, and potentially your own family.

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