Portable greenhouse saved my veggies from critters and frost

comments (2) November 1st, 2009

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Despite several nights of frost, the herbs are thriving in my portable greenhouse.
The portable greenhouse prooved to be critter proof and I actually got to eat my crop this year.
I set up the greenhouse on my deck, which is where I get the most sunlight. I kept it from blowing away with two-by-fours.
Despite several nights of frost, the herbs are thriving in my portable greenhouse.Click To Enlarge

Despite several nights of frost, the herbs are thriving in my portable greenhouse.

I've had a heck of a time trying to grow vegetables in my Connecticut country home. Because I live in a wooded area, I don't get a lot of light and my lot stays cooler than if I had a wide open space. Additionally, the critters -- squirrels, rabbits and deer -- always seem to find my vegetables, especially tomatoes, just as they're getting ripe.

This year I tried one of those hoop-framed portable greenhouses. I set it up on my deck because it gets the best light, and planted my veggies in containers. To keep it from blowing off the deck, I held it down with 2x4s screwed to the decking. The device really holds in heat. In the spring, on a sunny day, it got nice a warm inside the tent while outside it still felt chilly. Once the weather really heated up, I opened the two zippered doors and let the breeze through the screened doors to avoid overheating my plants.

Overall, it was a success. My plants grew well, even though it was a cool summer. The greenhouse kept the critters out and I enjoyed my veggies, although I wss affected by the tomato blight, which reduced my yield. Always something!

Now with fall upon us, I've experienced a few nights of frost, but my herbs continue to thrive inside the greenhouse.

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Comments (2)

JadaE writes: Funny how the critters know where to go for tomatoes! I haven't seen a rabbit in our neighborhood in the 8 yrs we've lived there, but this summer we caught a HUGE rabbit in the yard, sniffing the garden! LOL! I got his picture before he ran off, and we haven't seen him again....

Your greenhouse is great! Nice to have such a big herb garden close to the kitchen, I bet! :)
Posted: 11:38 am on November 3rd
alethor writes: Add a little bucket with water inside your hoop house. All the plants will benefit from the moisture of the water. Good luck
Posted: 11:30 am on November 3rd
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