There is Snow in our Garden

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Snow capped Green Gables Garden GaurdianClick To Enlarge

Snow capped Green Gables Garden Gaurdian

Photo: Beverly J Struble

The garden -in winter- sits there staring back at you. A stark, blank canvas waiting for your " seed dreams" to take hold - whenever the snows  decide to stop falling. The magic of potential calls to the gardener in these quiet months of winter- we redesign and imagine plantings differently-better- than the season before. Each winter we hope to start more seeds earlier and harvest crops later for the next planting year. The Winter garden allows us to remember the wonders of small little seeds bringing forth such beautiful colors and flavors to feed our family and friends. Every Season serves a purpose-The Winter garden gives us a clean slate, a fresh start, reminds us to dream, keeping the faith of a future unfolding and always always-having hope.

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Comments (1)

GreenGables writes: Green Gables Restaurant is getting ready to begin a Kitchen Garden- what an amazing experience to be part of and watch this project unfold as the snows fly!!
Seeds to food for our restaurant tables and Guests!!!!. There is such a sense of pride and responsibility- there is no one else- just us and Mother Nature to make this Happen!!
Our motto is "Come to where Fresh is..." puts a new twist on what that now means!!1
Please join us in our journey-here in the beautiful Laurel Mountains -looking forward to sharing and learning- thanks for any input in advance.... Bev Struble
Posted: 1:13 am on December 29th
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