20 Ways You Know You Are Addicted to Vegetable Gardening

comments (8) January 13th, 2010

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Rexford H. Talbert, by his own admission, is hooked on thyme. Would anyone else like to fess up?Click To Enlarge

Rexford H. Talbert, by his own admission, is hooked on thyme. Would anyone else like to 'fess up?

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I will be the first to admit that I am addicted to vegetable gardening. Over the last few years, I have caught myself doing things or saying things that has confirmed that I am a gardening junkie. There are many ways that you can be classified as a vegetable gardening addict.

Here are 20 ways you know you are addicted to vegetable gardening:

1. You have a stack of seed catalogs on the back of your toilet.

2. You are confused and feel sorry for someone that does not garden.

3. You go to stores like Wal Mart or Lowe's just to browse the garden section in the dead of winter - even when it's empty.

4. You buy three times as many seedlings than you have room for.

5. When you drive by an empty lot, you say, "That would make one nice garden".

6. While at the nursery, you discover a variety of tomato that you have never seen. You decide to buy it because you've just got to have it, although you have a buggy full of tomato transplants already.

7. You look for excuses to miss family functions because you just want to garden.

8. You buy a TIVO just to record shows on HGTV.

9. The only websites that you have bookmarked in your Favorites are gardening sites.

10. You name your pets 'Brandywine' or 'Cajun Delight'.

11. You desperately want to hop over the fence and work in your neighbor's untidy garden.

12. You dig through the neighbor's trash to find anything you can compost.

13. You ask for a new cultivator and floating row covers for Christmas.

14. You spend more than four hours a day looking at gardening websites, and pictures of other people's gardens.

15. The only books in your bookcase are gardening books.

16. You carry a copy of The Farmer's Almanac everywhere you go, and refer to it as "The Book".

17. When you are looking at new homes the first thing you ask the realtor is, "Can we see the backyard?".

18. You own more gardening gloves than you do socks.

19. While doing laundry you realize your clothes are dirtier than your kids' clothes.

20. You refer to your garden fork as your "Baby".

If you can say any of these about yourself then you are definitely a vegetable gardening addict! I know that I fit quite a few of these myself. I would love to hear what makes you a vegetable gardening addict!

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Comments (8)

nancynursez637 writes: I would also add, you know you are addicted when you never go into the watermelon patch in August with out a knife in hand for the smaller, you know, tasting melons!!!
Posted: 12:45 am on April 8th
nancynursez637 writes: I would add, you know you are addicted to gardening when the gifts you receive for birthdays and holidays are all certificates for garden seeds..............piles and piles of seeds
Posted: 12:26 pm on February 3rd
Gerrie2 writes: whoa, dearmary, I'm not there yet! (but I'm working on it!).

I asked for compost for my birthday, 'nuff said.
Posted: 2:20 pm on January 28th
dearmary writes: To expand on number three: you know you are addicted when everyone in the Walmart garden department knows you by first name and recognize your voice on the phone.
Posted: 10:02 am on January 25th
Tee_Riddle writes: @Patricia Gardening can become an addiction, but a very good one to have. I'm glad to hear you're able to get back to ordering seeds and gardening. I can't wait to hear about how your onions are progressing!

@JadaE That's some pretty good signs that you are a vegetable gardening addict ;)I get anxious as well when I'm driving home. The first thing I think about is getting out to the garden. Is that awful?

@Ruth Yes, I start way more seeds than I'll ever use. I end up giving much of my seedlings away. I have started seeds for a vegetable even after my garden is filled. I'll run out to the garden center, and buy a container to put them in.

Here's a few more ways you know you are addicted to vegetable gardening.

You keep pictures of your garden in your wallet or purse.

You run out of garden space in your back yard, so you start growing vegetables in the front yard.

Once the front yard is full of vegetables, you fill your truck bed with soil and grow vegetables there. (I've actually done that)

Posted: 1:07 pm on January 21st
myseasons writes: My name is Patricia and I am addicted to gardening.

I didn't believe it was an addicition until I found I was adapting my garden to a system I could use after my knee replacement. I am now almost back on both feet and ordering more seeds than I will need. Have already started my onions.

We are having a week of storms right now, knowing this was coming, I went out to the garden to pick what I needed for the week and found everything was doing fine and it didn't need me. I really felt sad.
We addicts really need a weekly meeting. I don't want to break this addiction, I just want to enjoy it,especially with others who do likewise. Love this website!
Posted: 12:31 pm on January 20th
JadaE writes: This article is 100% accurate! This past Christmas, all I wanted was shelving for my new indoor seed-starting "garden center" at home, and a bean/pea trellis! :)

Other signs:
1. As soon as I get home from work, I kiss the kids, kiss the hubby, and RUN right out to check my tomatoes! :)

2. I already have WAY too many seeds...Did that stop me? No way! Baker Creek just sent me more, with a cap to wear!

3. I'm in a subdivision...so no chickens allowed. BUT, I can have a rabbit or two ("farm" raised poop!). I WILL have a rabbit or two this year! :)

4. I like the idea of worms in my house...eating my garbage. This surprises even me! :)
Posted: 11:25 am on January 17th
Ruth writes: Great post! And here are some more telltale signs. You start way more seedlings than you could possibly plant, and cheerfully give them away. You can't bring yourself to thin out plants and toss them; you replant them (even carrots). Most days, you garden before work and after work.
Posted: 10:52 am on January 14th
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