Video: Victory Garden (1942 edition)

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Video Length: 20:26
Produced by: Prelinger Archives

There's a lot of talk of Victory Gardens these days and there's a Victory Garden on the White House Lawn, but the concept is not new. It originated in the 20th century and was part of the War Effort for WWI and WWII. During World War II, many foods were rationed, and fresh fruit and vegetables were hard to come by. So the government encouraged citizens to grow their own vegetables, and many (some accounts say 20 million) famiies answered the call.

You can get a feel for those distant times from this vintage movie. The Holders-Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Dick, and Jane (yes, Dick and Jane, for those old enough to remember)-plant a quarter-acre garden that will feed their family for a year. You see what they plant and how they plant, and you get a sense of the historic importance of their undertaking. Back then, the Victory Garden was serious business.

You'll probably cringe at the pest management techniques and the smug tone of the narrator. Okay, so times have changed. Kick back, settle in (the video is 20 minutes long), and let me know what you think.

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