My 2010 North Carolina organic garden

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Started my raised bed layout after tilling.
The idea was to make the beds easy to reach across for weeding.  While also letting the water runoff from my uphill neighbors do most of my irragation needs.  Last year especially I had too much water seeping into my basement.
This is what I came up with after a while of forethought.  I wanted to reduce the paths between the beds to a minimum to  increase my planting areas.  Instead of dividing each bed into squares I left a plantable area between each bed, this is what gives its snaking look.  I can still work the garden without too much footwork and didnt lose half of my area to paths.
Notice the extra soil mounded up around the edge of the garden, this will hopefully stop the water from rushing under my deck and into the foundation of my house.
The foot paths are covered in straw to prevent mudding and help prevent grasses.  After buying the straw a friend told me to be aware of thistles germinating from the straw.  I have that to look forward to now. :)
Straw is better than hay for walk ways as it resists molding when wet because of the hollow center (more aerobic) and makes for a great compost ingredient for next years garden.
It is by my guestimate that it is about 2500sq/ft of garden area including paths.
Started my raised bed layout after tilling.Click To Enlarge

Started my raised bed layout after tilling.

I planted seeds for 37 different varieties of vegetables (including tomatoes) April 29th 2010.  I got a late start this year.

This will be my first year of organic gardening also.  I spread 600+lbs of compost.  200lbs of manure based and 400+lbs of mushroom compost.

Some of the organic suppliments I have available are:

bone meal 12-0-0

Plant Tone  5-3-3

2 compost piles from scraps and yard waste.

More Information: My own design
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