Start Composting, Bokashi Style

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yourownvictorygarden Greg Holdsworth, contributor
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Video Length: 5:11
Produced by: Greg Holdsworth

Bokashi is a method of composting that uses an anaerobic (without air) inoculation process. This process starts to break down or "ferment" the material being composted. I previously posted a DIY pictorial guide on how to set up the container (bucket) and add material to it. You can view it here. This is the "movie" version of that procedure.

In the video, I follow the same steps as set forth in the original post. I went the DIY route and made my own composter out of two 2-gallon paint/storage buckets. After I collected some material to be fermented, I placed alternating layers of it with the EM Bokashi mix I ordered online. You continue to do this until the container is full. There it will sit for 2-4 weeks. The material does not break down or decompose while it's in the bucket, however. The breakdown will occur after it has been transferred to the soil. I hope to return with a video showing this process.

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