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What wouldn't I give to be able to grow melons? Maybe it's the lack of sun, maybe the soil isn't quite right, maybe I'm derelict in watering, but for whatever reason, they just don't thrive. But most years, I try "just one more time" to see if I can make it work. And this year, I've discovered a treasure trove of melon seed options.

Willhite has been in business since the early 1900s, when its founder, T. A. Willhite, began selling seeds from the watermelons he grew. The fledgling Willhite Melon Seed Farms survived the Depression, and in the 1970s changed its name to Willhite Seed to reflect its expansion into the wider world of flower and vegetable seeds and gardening products. But the focus remains on melons. Especially watermelons, both hybrid and open pollinated.

  Willhite Seed Inc.
PO Box 23
Poolville, TX 76487

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Willhite caters to both the backyard gardener and the market grower. You can order quantities as small as 1/4 oz. right up to seed by the pound. (If you purchase a pound or more of watermelon seed, you must also submit a release form that you are aware of the risk of potential contamination by bacterial fruit blotch.)

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Comments (9)

ZoeNevile writes: well done. keep it up.
Posted: 1:35 am on October 12th
Anniebranett writes: Great Job
Posted: 2:11 am on September 16th
guydixon21 writes: Soo nice.
Posted: 11:54 pm on August 26th
kevinalexis8 writes: I appreciate your work
Posted: 1:09 am on July 21st
peterjame writes: awesome
Posted: 4:36 am on December 22nd
Jamesbony writes: superbb
Posted: 4:38 am on December 17th
jamespedro writes: gud job
Posted: 2:49 am on December 11th
Ruth writes: jodanewsome: It sounds like you got a bad copy. The Willhite catalog I reviewed (child eating watermelon) has all its pages, and the footnote references check out. I suggest you call or write Willhite and request a new catalog.
Posted: 9:43 am on January 11th
jodanewsome writes: Just received your seed catalogue (picture child eating watermelon) and there are discrepancies such as: There are footnotes refering to pages that are not in this catalogue. Your page numbering goes from 10 to 23, from 38 to 51, two pages numbered "51". Back page refers to page 45 and there is "NO" page 45. Page #60 going forward to next page which is #51. Footnote bottom of page 7, "PVP See Page 41" and page 27, "PVP See Page 39" there are "NO" pages 39 or 41. Very much would like to place an order. Can you explain these discrepancies? This sorta shakes my confidence in any order I might place!!
Posted: 10:14 am on January 10th
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