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Re: QUESTION: How to keep cats out of raised bed garden

Dog scent around the beds should work, as does fox urine sold as a repellent. Just make sure you only spray it on the outside of the wood of your raised bed and on the ground around it, not in the soil. Here's another solution: http://www.safepetproducts.com/cat-stop-cat-repellent-1-cat-repellent-on-the-market.html?gclid=CPimm-mo-rUCFYqf4AodRSsAqQ#.UUDE05uE03Q
I have not tried it but it sounds like it has all the right features. It has a motion detector that emits an ultrasonic frequency that startles the cats and is unpleasant. It claims to not bother birds and is undetectable to humans. It's close to $50 but if it truly works it seems like a good investment.