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Re: Broccoli plants getting eaten

Hi Paul, I had the same problem... cabbages, cauliflower, broccholi, brussels sprouts, all eaten away. I tried soap suds, mats on the ground, onion sprays, DE and nothing worked until I sprayed Neem oil. It worked on everything. It's a bit expensive, so I kept an eye out at for a deal, and eventually found one (and even got free shipping). Good luck, hope it works for you too!

Re: Plant Scented Geraniums for Flavorful Meals

Do you know of any that will last through the snowy winters in south-central Tennessee?

Re: Cooking with Corn

Found a way to shuck corn, if you are only doing a few, and want to eat right away... put up to four in the microwave for four-minutes, cut the big end off, then PINCH the small end, squeezing the cob out of the husks. Vo-ala! no silks, and ready for butter!