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Re: Grow Lettuce from Seed

Hi Ruth: Your lettuces look wonderful and I hope that mine do as well. Since I have very little garden and it is shaded by lemon and olive trees, I do a huge amount of container gardening, sometimes in what my mother calls "troughs". I usually start my seeds in my small green house, but this year put some out in February to see what would happen. Of course, it snowed for the first time in living memory (and many of our locals are 90 to 100+). When the snow melted, I was amazed to see gangly radishes, feldsalat and kohlrabi all looking great! I ate the first 2 thinnings in salads and they were delicious. Even the failed radishes made a spicy contribution to the salad. Feldsalat is common in Germany and is a delicious kind of winter lettuce. Somehow it has translated in the USA into "corn plant", although it has nothing whatsoever to do with Indian corn. I plant them in groups every couple of weeks to keep a regular supply going and at this point I begin to mix in lettuces. I truly admire your color mix and shall make an extra effort to see if I can find any of these marvelous colors here in Italy. Unfortunately, our stores do not stock large varieties of seeds and the nurseries stock none. However, we do get several varieties of radicchio and even red endive so I hope to use these for color! Thank for your inspiration to all of us!