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How to Harvest Garlic

Don't panic when your garlic stalks turn dry and brown: just harvest.

How to Care for Garlic

Keep that crop in tip-top shape with a little advice from our Homegrown / Homemade team.

How to Plant Garlic

When the leaves start to turn in autumn, you know it' time to plant your garlic crop.

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Watch the team fit lots of fruit into the fridge, and in no time at all.

How to Harvest Watermelons

How do you know when a watermelon is ready to pick? And how do you pick when it's ready? You'll learn how to do it all in this episode.

How to Care for Watermelons

The Homegrown / Homemade team gives its fledgling plants a perfect supporting cast.

How to Plant Watermelons

The Homegrown / Homemade team demystifies the art of growing watermelons.

2013 Summer Bounty Photo Contest

Send in photos of your best fruits and veggies for a chance to win one of two fabulous prizes!

Carrots to Covet

These varieties are easy to grow and guaranteed not to let you down at harvest time

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The Best Heirloom Vegetables

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Grow Vol. 9 Extras

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Clean, Sharp Tools Work Better

Get your tools in tip-top shape before the growing season rush begins!

Who says your kitchen garden can't be beautiful?

Turn edible plantings into works of art with four design strategies

Pruning Red Raspberries

A hard late-winter thinning is the secret to healthier plants and bigger, sweeter berries

Slideshow: Stunning Squashes

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Grow 10: Web Extras

Online supplements to Grow, Volume 10

recent comments

Re: How to Plant Eggplants

Hi legh and Zytigg! Thanks for pointing out the issue. I've adjusted the player so it should work fine now! Let me know if you continue to have trouble viewing.

Re: Accidental beefsteak tomato plantation

Lucky you! Not such a bad plant to have popping up all over.

Re: Garden 2013-June 20th Update

Nice garden!

Re: Surprise in my garden

Well, it's definitely some squash or melon! A lucky surprise, if you ask me.

Re: Pest-Fighting Flowers

Hi Tyler! We think that it's always a great idea to substitute pesticide with more organic options, such as pest-fighting flowers. That said, I doubt you'll be able to control gophers without fence or animal control, as you suggested.

Re: My corner of the world!

These beds looks great! What will you fill them with?

Maybe you should try a strawbale garden? See here:

Re: Help! I need an asparagus expert!

Hello teddyc. Here's an answer from our senior editor Danielle:

I would go ahead and cover them up to the level they should be buried. Sometimes in the first year you'll only get one or two sprouts per crown--next year he/she should see more, and then by the third year they'll have a healthy full plant. Asparagus is much like ornamental perennials: First year they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap.

Re: Harris Seeds Home Garden Catalog

Nnelson1, I think you should contact the company directly. We're not affiliated with Harris Seeds.

Re: How to Build a Kitchen Garden From Scratch

Hi there hapenparadise. What are you trying to save?

Re: my plants are dying, why?

Hi there. Our senior editor Danielle Sherry says this looks like damping off, in your case from over-watering. (Hard to tell). Her advice is to replant and keep things on the drier side.

Here’s what else can cause damping off:
~ overwatering
~ unsterile soil
~ dirty growing containers
~ overcrowding seedlings
~ stress, such as low light, cool temperatures

Re: stem rot, seedlings

Hi there JDMolly!

The editors think damping off is what's killing your seedlings. The best way to control this disease is to prevent it, really. Try all or some of the following when you start seeds again:

-Plant seeds and root cuttings only in sterilized seedling mix or other planting media, using only sterilized containers.
-Use only clean non-recycled water on the seeds.
-Place seed trays on clean, sterilized benches.
-Do not allow soiled hands and tools to come into contact with the sterile media. Reintroduction of the fungi can cause fast disease progression because other fungi which normally compete with these fungi are absent from sterile mixes.
-Remove any trays with damping-off immediately.

Re: Snow, now.

I love your greenhouse!

Re: Video: How to Dry Herbs

Mc Robb, do you see the 'Play' option in the lower left-hand corner of the player? Or the big 'Play' option in the center of the screen that appears if you hover your mouse over the video? Pressing either of those should get the video going.