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Re: QUESTION: Help! Birds are eating my tomatoes

For several summers, we have had plenty of tomatoes and also plenty of mockingbirds and squirrels to take damaging bites of ripening tomatoes.
Last summer, we coincidentally decided to buy a 10x3x2 galvanized horse trough and use it for a goldfish pond to pretty up the backyard with a little fountain, and water lilies and filters.
Amazingly, all the tomato sampling stopped. We see the birds, squirrels, and many bees, yellow jackets and mud daubers drinking from the pond. We also have a healthy school of mosquito fish (Gambusia) in the pond, taking care of the mosquito population. This is the second summer of the pond and the same results. Maybe the critters were simply thirsty. And my wife is wondering what to do with all the tomatoes.