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Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

I also had barrels painted black in the greenhouse but the sun may not shine for weeks at a time. The radiator had a small vent fan on a thermostat that would turn on at a set temp.
This year I am trying a wood stove that will burn engine oil or wood and wrapped some copper tubing around the stove pipe and pump that around the greenhouse to my radiator and to my water fall before going back to my tank. I am using a plastic water tank. Would prefer to have a metal water heater tank that I could use the element in to make things easier. And I raise lettuce and spinage. Love to sit and read in the winter time and munch on fresh veggies. You will get the most enzymes out of stuff eaten within 12 hours of picking.

Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

I used a 30 gal water heater with a 110 volt element with thermostat set at about 120 degeres. A small pond pump pumped water from a 1 foot long 5 inch wide 5 inch deep container into the top of a radiator from a small car. the water gravity flowed out of the radiator into the water heater and then into the container to be repumped back into the radiator. I held no less than 45 degrees on the coldest nights when it was below zero in a 25 x 12 x 7 greenhouse. I doubled the plastic by placing some on the inside of the top and front.